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Examples & Explanations for Conflict of Laws, Fifth Edition

  • Michael H. Hoffheimer
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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Clear and informal, Examples & Explanations for Conflict of Laws, Fifth Edition, covers all topics in Conflicts courses, including personal jurisdiction and the Erie doctrine. It explains traditional and modern approaches and discusses constitutional limits on choice of law. Big-picture overviews and accurate statements of rules are reinforced with concrete examples and test-taking tips.

The powerful Examples & Explanations pedagogy works especially well for Conflict of Laws where students gain understanding of rules and policies by applying them to new fact patterns. Summaries of leading cases found in most casebooks and a modular organization allows easy adaptation to any course.

The Fifth Edition adds three new Supreme Court decisions that change the law in three key areas. It eliminates one case that the Supreme Court has overruled. It provides more examples and illustrations to clarify the scope of decisions. It adds an entirely new chapter on the proposed Third Restatement of Choice of Law that is now being studied in some Conflicts courses. And it offers a helpful summary of the controversial anti-foreign law statutes that a dozen states have enacted.

New to the 5th Edition:

  • New chapter on the draft Restatement Third of Conflicts
  • Discussion of three Supreme Court decisions that alter rules
  • Coverage of state anti-foreign law statutes
  • More examples and explanations
  • Elimination of one case overruled by Supreme Court

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • No-nonsense explanation of proposed Restatement Third
  • Clear explanation of the recent changes in the law from the Supreme Court
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