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Aspen Treatise for Business Organizations, Third Edition

  • J. Mark Ramseyer
Series / Aspen Treatise Series
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This treatise analyzes the law of business organizations: corporate law, partnership and LLC law, agency, and selected aspects of securities regulation. In clean, uncomplicated prose, the text offers a clear and thoughtful overview. Business Organizations explains the structure of the law itself, placing it within an historical context, and outlines its economic effect. Integrating basic principles of business and finance in an unintimidating, uncomplicated manner, the text engages readers who have either an elemental or a sophisticated grasp of economics.

New to the Third Edition:

  • New cases discussed:
    • Ackerman v. Sobol Family Partnership
    • Zupnick v. Goizueta
    • City of Birmingham Ret. and Relief System v. Good
    • Salman v. United States
    • AmerisourceBergen Corp. v. Lebanon County Employees' Retirement Fund
    • Trinity Wall Street v. Wal-Mark Stores, Inc.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Tracks two principal texts: William A. Klein, J. Mark Ramseyer, and Stephen M. Bainbridge, Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations (10th ed., Foundation Press); and William T. Allen, Reinier Kraakman, and Vikramaditya S. Khanna, Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization (6th ed., Wolters Kluwer Legal Education)
  • Photos used to engage the reader
  • Incorporates pop culture references such as classic movies and comic books to enliven the text
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