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Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, Second Edition

  • Robert Sprague
Series / Business Law Series
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Drawing from his experience as a legal counsel and in senior management, Robert Sprague brings both legal and business perspective to Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. This book is designed to provide college students with an overview of the legal issues facing entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses as they start, operate, and potentially end their businesses. Through five succinct parts—First Steps, Intellectual Property, Hiring and Managing Employees, Managing the Business, and Ending the Business—the text covers legal topics common to both small and entrepreneurial businesses. In addition, Professor Sprague teaches and champions critical thinking skills through exercises and case analysis.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated with new cases to reflect current law
  • New critical thinking exercises
  • A new “Trending” topic summarizing new and evolving pertinent legal issues

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Student-friendly narrative and interesting case summaries
  • Critical Thinking Exercises where students apply legal principals to the facts presented
  • The Bottom Line--practical and relevant advice—for future entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • “Trending” issues that are just beginning to impact small and entrepreneurial businesses.
  • A flexible organization that highlights connections among different parts of the book
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About the authors
Robert Sprague

Robert Sprague is Professor of Legal Studies in Business at the University of Wyoming College of Business. Professor Sprague’s primary research focuses on the convergence of law, business, and technology, with a particular emphasis in workplace privacy and technology’s impact on labor and employment laws. Additional research topics include small business and corporate governance and compliance. Professor Sprague is a former Editor-in-Chief of the iAmerican Business Law Journali, the top peer-reviewed business law journal, and has authored more than two dozen law journal articles as well as the textbook, iLaw for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Ownersi. He was the original Editor-in-Chief of the treatise, iWorkplace Data: Law and Litigationi, published by BloombergBNA.

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Second Edition
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Entrepreneurship , Business Law
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