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Clearing the Last Hurdle: Mapping Success on the California Bar Exam, Second Edition

  • Wanda M. Temm
  • Susan Smith Bakhshian
Series / Bar Review Series
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Chart a course for success with Clearing the Last Hurdle: Mapping Success on the California Bar Exam, Second Edition, a comprehensive text by Wanda M. Temm and Susan Smith Bakhshian that includes substantive outlines on all Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and California Essay Exam topics. With measurably positive results, authors guide students through the process of bar preparation with clear and organized instruction, innovative strategies (like mind maps—an innovative tool for improving memory and associating concepts), and practice questions in all formats (for the MBE, the California Essay Exam, and the California Performance Test) with author-created score sheets for essays and performance tests.

New to the Second Edition:

  • The most recent California essays included (with score sheets)
  • New MBE questions added
  • Updated subject matter summaries for MBE and California topics

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Proven bar preparation strategies tailored to the California Bar Exam
  • Guidelines on how to formulate a game plan for preparing to take the bar
  • Practice questions in multiple-choice, essay, and performance test formats
  • Score sheets with which students can assess their own progress
  • Instruction on creating and using mind maps to improve memory and organize conceptual relationships
  • Starter mind maps for MBE and California Essay Exam topics
  • Exam-taking tips throughout
  • Visual illustrations of key concepts
  • Techniques for decreasing anxiety and stress and for building confidence
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