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California Performance Test Workbook: Preparation for the Bar Exam, Second Edition

  • Mary Basick
  • Tina Schindler
Series / Bar Review Series
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The Second Edition of California Performance Test Workbook contains everything needed to pass the performance test portion of the California Bar Exam, which is essential since the performance test score counts double. The book provides an innovative step-by-step strategic general approach for organizing and writing passing performance test answers within 90 minute timed conditions. The authors also provide specific page-by-page deconstructions with guidance and commentary on real released California Performance Test practice questions, along with corresponding answer grids, annotated sample passing answers, and released passing answers.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated 90-minute style performance exams
  • New innovative performance test approaches with step-by-step instructions
  • All performance test examples with page by page annotations
  • An extra practice appendix provides additional practice for the more challenging components of the performance test

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Options for how to organize a performance test based on different learning styles
  • A step by step approach with target time goals for each component of the test
  • Sample performance tests with step-by-step deconstructions, answer grids, annotated sample passing answers and released passing answers
  • Examples of a variety of different task memos and sample libraries so students get extra practice on essential skills
  • including sample task memos with corresponding organizational analysis, and sample libraries with corresponding book briefs and rule deconstructions

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