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Information Privacy Law, Eighth Edition

  • Daniel J. Solove
  • Paul M. Schwartz
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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A clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge introduction to the field of information privacy law, with the latest cases and materials exploring issues of emerging technology, information privacy, algorithmic decisions, AI, data security, and European data protection law.

New to the 8th Edition:
  • Tighter editing and shorter chapters
  • New sections about AI and algorithms in law enforcement (Chapter 4), consumer privacy (Chapter 9), and employment privacy (Chapter 12)
  • New cases: MD Anderson, Loomis v. Wisconsin, Clearview AI
  • Discussion of post-Carpenter cases
  • Discussion of new FTC enforcement cases involving dark patterns and algorithm deletion
  • Discussion of protections of reproductive health data after Dobbs
Benefits for instructors and students:
  • Extensive coverage of FTC privacy enforcement, HIPAA and HHS enforcement, and standing in privacy lawsuits, among other topics
  • Chapters devoted exclusively to data security, national security, employment privacy, and education privacy
  • Sections on government surveillance and freedom to explore ideas
  • Engaging approach to complicated laws and regulations such as HIPAA, FCRA, ECPA, GDPR, and CCPA
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Eighth Edition
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Privacy Law , Science, Technology, and the Law
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