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International Trade Law, Third Edition

  • Joost H.B. Pauwelyn
  • Andrew Guzman
  • Jennifer A. Hillman
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Written by a team of leading scholar/practitioners including a former Appellate Body member, PhD economist and former WTO Secretariat Lawyer, International Trade Law covers all aspects of WTO law. Appropriate for a two- to three-hour international trade course, the third edition covers trade in goods, services, and intellectual property, in 22 succinct chapters of around 30 pages, carefully excerpting leading cases, providing basic introductions, probing questions and real life problems. This book balances positive and normative perspectives, mixing legal texts and panel/Appellate Body decisions with analysis of economic and policy challenges faced by the international trading system.

The Third Edition has been updated to include recent political and economic events, issues and policy debates, and supplements new developments in case law with additional questions.

Hallmark features of International Trade Law:

  • Prepared by three leading WTO scholars providing a balanced international and methodological perspective
  • Up-to-date, discriminating case selection presents both classic cases and recent doctrine
  • Contextualizes international trade issues with insights into key economic factors at work
  • Key WTO cases are edited and presented to illustrate and teach central concepts and doctrine
  • Illuminating introductory and explanatory material throughout
  • Helpful summaries of key teaching points are included in each chapter
  • Well-crafted questions stimulate class discussion on policy issues
  • Manageable length for two- and three-credit courses
  • Adaptable to graduate-level courses in international trade
  • Complemented by a thorough and up-to-date documents supplement


The Third Edition has been revised to include:

  • Third author added: Jennifer Hillman, former member of the WTO Appellate Body and the US International Trade Commission, now Professor at Georgetown Law
  • Major revision of trade remedy chapters (dumping, subsidies, safeguards) with new hands-on practical problems
  • Completely revised chapter on technical barriers to trade (TBT) taking account of new jurisprudence post-2012 (US Clove Cigarettes, US - Tuna II, US COOL, EC Seal)
  • New text on post-2008 trade collapse, global value chains
  • Updated statistics on WTO dispute settlement, free trade agreements, developing countries
  • Discussion of 2015 US Trade Promotion Authority, mega-regionals including TPP and TTIP, 2014 Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • Includes summaries of new, major cases such as Canada Feed-in Tariff, EC Seal, Peru Agricultural Products, China Rare Earths


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