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American Indian Tribal Law, Second Edition

  • Matthew L.M. Fletcher
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Nearly every American Indian tribe has its own laws and courts. Taken together, these courts decide thousands of cases. Many span the full panoply of law—from criminal, civil, and probate cases, to divorce and environmental disputes.American Indian Tribal Law, now in its Second Edition, surveys the full spectrum of tribal justice systems. With cases, notes, and historical context, this text is ideal for courses on American Indian Law or Tribal Governments—and an essential orientation to legal practice within tribal jurisdictions.

New to the Second Edition:

  • A new chapter on professional responsibility and the regulation of lawyers in tribal jurisdictions
  • Enhanced materials on Indian child welfare
  • Additional materials on tribal laws that incorporate Indigenous language and culture
  • Additional examples from tribal justice systems and practice
  • Recent and noteworthy cases from tribal courts

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A broad survey of dispute resolution systems within tribal jurisdictions
  • A review of recent flashpoints in tribal law, such as
    1. internal tribal political matters, including intractable citizenship and election disputes
    2. enhanced criminal jurisdiction over nonmembers and non-Indians
    3. tribal constitutional reform, including a case study on the White Earth Nation
  • Cases and material reflecting a wide range of American Indian tribes and legal issues
  • Excerpts and commentary from a wellspring of current scholarship
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Second Edition
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Civil Rights / Race and the Law
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