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Civil Procedure, First Edition

  • Howard M. Erichson
  • Maria Glover
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Civil Procedureprimes students to engage at a high level in the classroom. Howard M. Erichson and J. Maria Glover offer clear explanations and frameworks to help students see what is fascinating and important about each topic in civil procedure. By the time students arrive in the classroom, they will have a solid understanding not only of the basic mechanics of civil procedure, but also why the topic matters in the real world of litigation. The case selection reflects this commitment. Rather than featuring cases that raise quirky issues at the periphery, the authors chose cases to help students understand the core purposes and difficulties of each aspect of civil procedure. The notes and questions guide students step by step to better understand the implications of each case. Throughout, the authors offer insights on the implications of procedural rules as a matter of policy and as a matter of litigation strategy.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Clear explanations of each topic to prime students for case reading and class discussion.
  • Careful case selection that highlights the core aspects of each topic in civil procedure.
  • Notes and Questions that guide students, step by step, not only to understand case holdings and procedural story lines, but also to appreciate the difficulties and nuances that may otherwise be invisible to first-year students.
  • “Terminology Tips” to define terms clearly—helping first-year law students learn the unfamiliar and sometimes-baffling language of civil procedure.
  • “Strategy Sessions” to help students see how procedural rules affect litigation strategy and settlement dynamics—allowing the book to speak to students as future lawyers in practice, not as merely academic learners.
  • “The Big Picture” boxes to help students step back from each topic to see broader trends, policies, and implications.
  • Up-to-date cases as well as chapters structured to take account of changes in legal doctrine.
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Civil Procedure
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