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Digital Bundle: Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach , Ninth Edition and Bankruptcy and Article 9, 2023 Statutory Supplement

  • Lynn M. LoPucki
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach, Ninth Edition
Lynn M. LoPucki, Elizabeth Warren, Robert M. Lawless
Connected eBook with Study Center (Digital) ISBN: 9781543816631
Connected eBook with Study Center (Hardcover) ISBN: 9781543804508

The premier authority on secured transactions, Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach is known for its cutting-edge coverage, dynamic pedagogy, and ease of use for instructors. The Systems Approach gives students the big picture. Straightforward explanations and cases prepare the students to solve real-life problems in the context of actual transactions. A modular structure allows for tremendous flexibility in course design. The materials are divided into bite-sized assignments, making it easier for instructors to make and adjust assignments for class. This problem-based casebook supports the teaching of Article 9 alone or expansion of the course to include Article 9 in the full context of bankruptcy, mortgages, judicial liens, and statutory liens.


Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2023 Statutory Supplement
Elizabeth Warren, Robert M. Lawless
Connected eBook (Digital) ISBN: 9798889062479

Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2023 Statutory Supplement is smaller, lighter, and more portable than competing supplements. The supplement includes: UCC Article 1, UCC Article 9, UCC Article 12, key excerpts from UCC Article 2 and UCC Article 8, Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, Uniform Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title and Anti-Theft Act, Bankruptcy Code, selections from the Bankruptcy Rules Title 18 and Title 28 of the United States Code, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Federal Tax Lien Act. 
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