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Bundle: Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach, Seventh Edition and Comprehensive Commercial Law 2023 Statutory Supplement Access

  • Lynn M. LoPucki
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Daniel L. Keating
  • Ronald J. Mann
  • Robert M. Lawless
  • Jay Lawrence Westbrook
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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This bundle contains:

Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach, Seventh Edition
Lynn M. LoPucki, Elizabeth Warren, Daniel L. Keating, Ronald J. Mann, Robert M. Lawless
Connected eBook with Study Center (Digital) ISBN: 9781543822182
Connected eBook with Study Center (Hardcover) ISBN: 9781543804492

Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach explores the nuances of transaction law from a systems’ perspective, examining the infrastructure that supports commercial transactions and how lawyers apply the law in real-world situations. The outstanding team of co-authors uses an assignment-based structure that allows professors to adapt the text to a variety of class levels and approaches. Well-crafted problems challenge students’ understanding of the material in this comprehensive, highly teachable text.


Comprehensive Commercial Law 2023 Statutory Supplement
Ronald J. Mann, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Lawrence Westbrook
Connected eBook (Digital) ISBN: 9798889062172

The Supplement includes the entire Uniform Commercial Code as of May 2023, excluding Article 6, and also includes a selection of other federal statutes and regulations, uniform state laws, and Restatement provisions, aiming to include those items most commonly used in commercial law courses. This leads, among other things, to the inclusion of the Truth in Lending Act, Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the Federal Tax Lien Act, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, excerpts from the CISG, and from the ICC’s uniform rules for letters of credit.
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