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Bundle: Law Office Management for Paralegals, Fourth Edition and Concise Guide to Paralegal Ethics, Fifth Edition

  • Therese A. Cannon
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
Teaching Materials

Print Bundle - This bundle includes both print and digital versions of ISBN 9781543813821 as well as an access code to The Law Simulation Series - Legal Research and Writing.


More about Law Office Management for Paralegals, the Fourth Edition is a comprehensive introduction to law office management, emphasizing ethics, law office culture, law office systems, and “soft skills,” such as communications and critical thinking. Assignments are drawn from real-world law office management situations and supported by innovative visual aids and learning tools. Students get hands-on practice with timekeeping, conflicts-checking, file management, trust accounting, business planning, correspondence, and much more. They are exposed to law office software, such as Clio, and learn to perform vital functions using other software and even freeware. Career profiles emphasize the importance of involvement in professional organizations, advancement in the legal field without obtaining a law degree, and that the legal profession is populated by men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Bundle also includes Concise Guide to Paralegal Ethics. Clearly written, and replete with design elements that facilitate study and review, the Fifth Edition provides succinct coverage that focuses on the professional paralegal. Perfect for use in shorter courses, or substantive courses with an ethics component, the Fifth Edition provides timely and thorough coverage of all major legal ethics topics.

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