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Series / JD-Next
Aspen Publishing has partnered with JD-Next to offer a more inclusive and effective path for future legal professionals.

This self-paced, fully online course introduces law school applicants to the kinds of doctrinal concepts and legal skills that students will encounter at law school. The exam at the end predicts law school success. By affordably combining the prep course with the exam, we can lower barriers to legal education. Learn More

Session 1: May–July 2024
Course starts May 6
Examination Dates: July 9th or July 13th with make-up exam offered July 18th.
Session 2: June–August 2024
Course starts June 3
Examination Dates: July 30th or August 3rd with make-up exam offered August 8th.
Session 3: October–December 2024
Course starts October 7
Examination Dates: December 4th or December 7th with make-up exam offered December 10th.

*Make-up exams are only available for missed exam dates and are not meant as a re-take*
Benefits of JD-Next

JD-Next is an innovative law school learning program designed to measure what you can do versus what you may already know. Why JD-Next?
  • Effective preparation of all populations of students for success in JD programs by providing foundational knowledge and skills.
  • Reduces potential race and class disparities in admissions testing and law school preparation.
  • Builds student confidence in succeeding in tests and law school.
  • Creates a valid and reliable predictor of performance in law school.
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Session 1: May-July 2024
Session 2: June-August 2024
Session 3: October-December 2024
Pre-Law , Introduction to Law
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