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Wolters Kluwer Partners with Law School Toolbox to Enhance its Legal Education Online Resources

Wolters Kluwer Partners with Law School Toolbox to Enhance its Legal Education Online Resources random

LawBoost on now provides users with access to online tutors

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced its exclusive partnership with Law School Toolbox to launch LawBoost—a personalized, expert tutoring service for law students. The service is available on-demand through, Wolters Kluwer's expert learning solution that is transforming legal education.

The LawBoost service gives law students three hours of consultation with an expert, highly trained law school tutor at an affordable price. Law School Toolbox tutors are attorneys with extensive experience in law school tutoring and teaching. Each expert is available remotely via phone, email or video chat to address students' specific concerns, provide targeted career advice and produce effective results. Students can opt to share their CasebookConnect Study Center work with the tutors to improve ramp-up time and focus specifically on the student's most critical needs.

"Students in law school need resources that are tailored to their needs, academic goals and their schedules," said Vikram Savkar, Vice President of Legal Education at Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory U.S. "We are thrilled to make LawBoost available through in partnership with Law School Toolbox to provide law students with access to a full suite of digital education tools and help them achieve success." provides law students with a suite of online content and learning tools designed to maximize their success in the highly competitive law school environment. access includes a full digital version of the textbook with a robust search function, multi-color highlights and note-taking capabilities; a Study Center with practice questions from popular study aids; and learning tools for outlining and briefing cases to help students prepare more efficiently for class and exams.

"Even local students find virtual tutoring more efficient than coordinating in-person meetings with a busy law student's schedule," said Alison Monahan, co-founder of Law School Toolbox.

"Our expert tutors are there to work with students on their specific needs and goals, ensuring they have the best possible shot at achieving their desired results," said Lee Burgess, co-founder of Law School Toolbox.

Notable features that LawBoost brings to include:

  • Access to expert tutors who understand what makes law students successful;
  • Ability to schedule private tutor sessions within 24 hours of sign-up;
  • Personalized service based on students' study center results.

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