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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for September 28, 2018

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for September 28, 2018 random

Last week, many of us were glued to our phones, computers, and televisions for The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearings. Professors across many disciplines elected to watch the hearings in class and then discussed what they saw, heard, and felt. Regardless of your politics, the hearings offered a dramatic array of discussion topics on the subjects of law, sociology, political science, gender studies, and psychology, to name a few.

Believe it or not, there were other noteworthy articles for the week! Our very own Vikram Savkar was interviewed about how, Wolters Kluwer's expert learning solution, is transforming legal education. And, I am proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Law School Toolbox to launch LawBoost—a personalized, expert tutoring service for law students. The service is available on-demand through and gives law students consultation with an expert, highly trained law school tutor at an affordable price. Students can opt to share their CasebookConnect Study Center work with the tutors to improve ramp-up time and focus specifically on the student's most critical needs. This is another example of how we are working to help students succeed in law school.

Law Professors

Law Professors, for the Most Part, Give Ford Testimony High Marks on Twitter
Law professors took to Twitter Thursday to critique Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and the performance of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Let's just say committee chairman Chuck Grassley is lucky this was an ungraded exercise.

Law School Students

I Paid Off $202,000 in Debt in Seven Years Using These 4 Behavioral Psychology Tricks
Elementary school teachers use simple paper chains to decorate their classrooms. But law school graduate Joshua Holt used them to pay off $202,000 worth of debt.

Wealthy Students Have A Much Easier Time Succeeding In Law School
Wealthier students can almost literally buy good grades at some law schools.

How to Prepare for Exams
Whether you are in the midst of the first semester of your 1L year, or a seasoned 3L gazing anxiously at the proverbial light at the end of the law school tunnel, there is no time like the present to think about exam preparation.

Legal Education

USC Gould Launches Degree for Non-Lawyers
USC's Gould School of Law is expanding its popular Master of Studies in Law degree to include an on campus option for non-lawyer professionals interested in understanding legal issues related to their fields. The residential degree will commence in fall of 2019.

Interview with Vikram Savkar, VP and General Manager for Legal Education at Wolters Kluwer
A look at how Wolters Kluwer and Connected Casebook are changing how students study law

Innovation in Law with New Gonzaga University Law School Dean Jacob Rooksby
New Gonzaga law dean Rooksby hopes to expand offerings, connect with community

Other Legal News

Yale Law Investigates Allegation on Kavanaugh
Yale University's law school is investigating whether two of its faculty members engaged in misconduct that appears to relate to how they recruited women at the law school to apply for clerkships with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returned to Columbia and Gave Advice to Aspiring Law Students
The event, hosted by the Law School in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ginsburg’s appointment to the Supreme Court, was attended by over 1,000 people.

ABA, Dept. of Education Battle Over Loan Forgiveness
The American Bar Association says a pro bono project that represents detained immigrants in Texas is facing problems after the U.S. Department of Education said ABA employees don't qualify for public service loan forgiveness.

Wolters Kluwer Partners with Law School Toolbox to Enhance its Legal Education Online Resources
Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced its exclusive partnership with Law School Toolbox to launch LawBoost—a personalized, expert tutoring service for law students. The service is available on-demand through, Wolters Kluwer's expert learning solution that is transforming legal education.


How 2 Big Textbook Subscription Services Are Teaming Up
Overpriced textbooks and an audience primed for subscription services? It was only a matter of time before the "Spotify for textbooks" took over. Now, textbook subscription service Perlego is partnering with Cengage Learning EMEA, a world-leading educational publisher that runs its own textbook subscription service, Cengage Unlimited.

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review is a collection of interesting articles from the past week that pertain to Legal Education. Some may be especially relevant to law professors and others to law students. Many stories focus on the pedagogical, technical, and financial innovation occurring in law schools today. We hope that these articles inspire you.