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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for October 19, 2018

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for October 19, 2018 random

This week, we learned that two more law schools will not be accepting new students. Valparaiso was hoping to merge with Middle Tennessee University, but that bid was denied as described in the article, “Tenn. Ed. Commission reject VU Law School transfer.” Valparaiso did not accept new students in August of 2018 and its future is uncertain. In addition, Thomas Jefferson School of Law was one of about 16 law schools that had accepted first year spring starts. However, in light of the challenges they are facing, TJSL has decided not to enroll new students in Spring of 2019 in order to control costs and right-size resources. You can read more about the struggles that school is facing in the article, “Struggling Law School Will Not Accept New Students this Spring.”

We also learned how Massachusetts schools performed on the July 2018 Bar exam. While overall, the July 2018 Bar exam marked the highest failure rate in the Bay State this century, there were some bright spots. Namely, University of Massachusetts School of Law at UMass Dartmouth had an overall pass rate of 82 percent. The institution, the state’s only public law school, was founded in 2010. If you look only at each school’s first-time exam takers, only two Massachusetts law schools — Harvard and BU — performed better than UMass Law this summer. The July exam marked the first time that Massachusetts offered the uniform bar exam (UBE), which is used by dozens of states and replaces a state-specific exam. The UBE makes it easier for those who pass the Massachusetts bar to practice law in other parts of the country.

Bar Exam

Law School Grads Reach a New Low on Mass. Bar Exam
one in three aspiring lawyers who took the Massachusetts bar examination this summer failed the test, the highest failure rate in the Bay State this century.

What You Need to Know About Supplemental Bar Prep Resources
The academic support department at your school will help you evaluate your options and choose the things that will best set you up for success.

Law Professors

Your Law School’s Predominantly White Male Faculty Profile Pics
It’s that season when eager entry-level prospective law professors converge on Washington, D.C., to meet with faculty hiring committees who are also converging on D.C. Last week, this meeting happened.

Law School Students

How to Best Prepare For Law School as a 0L
Some suggestions on what pre-law students should do to put themselves in the best position for success.

Legal Education

The Law School that Provides the Best Return on Your Investment
That's a great deal on a quality legal education.

ASU Law School Adapts as Applicants Increase
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law aims to make the admissions process simpler

Tenn. Ed. Commission Rejects VU Law School Transfer
Valparaiso University officials announced Thursday that the law school will not accept new students in August 2018 because of financial constraints and declining enrollment.

Struggling Law School Will Not Accept New Students this Spring
Will more law schools stop enrolling students (or even close) in Thomas Jefferson’s wake?

Law School Suits Provide Rare Glimpse into ABA Accreditation Process
The American Bar Association has asked a federal court to dismiss Florida Coastal School of Law's suit against it, arguing that its accreditation arm followed all the right procedures in finding the Jacksonville campus out of compliance with its rules.

Other Legal News

To Track How Students Ace the LSAT, Watch Their Eyes
A half-decade ago, UC Berkeley neuroscientists discovered that training for law school admission exams boosted brain connections that sharpen reasoning skills. Today, they’ve taken a major step closer to understanding how practicing the LSAT makes students smarter. They’re watching their eyes.

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review is a collection of interesting articles from the past week that pertain to Legal Education. Some may be especially relevant to law professors and others to law students. Many stories focus on the pedagogical, technical, and financial innovation occurring in law schools today. We hope that these articles inspire you.

Nicole Pinard is the Executive Director of Market Development for the Legal Education division of Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory Solutions U.S.