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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for May 4, 2018

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for May 4, 2018 random

There are two stories I’d like to highlight this week. The first is related to an efficacy study Pearson released last month related to their MyLab Math product. In that product, and many others like it on the market today, students who have not demonstrated mastery of a learning objective can retake a quiz until they get the score they want. The theory is the more time a student interacts with the material, the greater their understanding. However, Pearson researchers found that students taking quizzes multiple times to get higher scores actually earned lower course grades in the end. Pearson is digging in to learn more about these results. In fact, are these results surprising? Think about yourself as a student. Most students need to have some sort of skin in the game in order to actively engage in the material.  Self-assessments are helpful and serve a valuable purpose. However, they do not fulfill the same role as a formative assessment given by the professor with a grade involved (even if it’s simply for extra credit). Think of learning materials as a balanced breakfast – it’s important to provide more than just a glass of orange juice. 

And, lastly, we’ve seen many articles about the “Trump Bump” over the past few months. Law school applications are up almost 10% over last year and many report their interest in applying to law school is in response to the current administration’s policies on immigration, international trade, taxes, gender issues, and more. A recent Kaplan survey indicates 32 percent of respondents said politics were a motivating factor in deciding to apply to law school. In “Women are Flocking to Law School Thanks to Donald Trump,” a recent Barbri Law Review survey indicates these applicants are mostly female democrats unhappy with President Trump and his policies. The question now is how law schools will respond to the increase in applications and how this will translate to fall 2018 enrollment. 


Pearson Efficacy Study Highlights the Challenge of Letting Students Retest
New, externally audited, efficacy research from Pearson about one of the company’s apps shows a significant correlation between increased retesting and lower overall course performance.

Law Students

Diversity & Inclusion for Recent Law School Grads Seems to Be Taking a Back Seat in Private Practice
The percentage of black law school graduates who are working in private practice is stunningly low.

Millennial Law Students: Play to Your Strengths
The next time you hear a derogatory comment about millennial students, you can just smile and nod because now you know exactly how to prove them wrong.

What Every New Law Graduate Needs: A Venmo Account
Opportunities abound for young lawyers ready to hustle.

BARBRI Take the Wheel, ‘SeRiouS’ly
A discussion of how Mary E. Juetten prepped for the exam seven years out of law school, while working, and well over the average test-taking age -- and passed

Legal Education

Free LSAT Prep, from Khan Academy and the LSAC, Coming in June
A free online LSAT prep program from Khan Academy and the Law School Admission Council, announced in 2017, will be available to the public starting June 1.

The Law Schools With The Most Unemployed Graduates (2017)
Which law schools landed themselves on this unenviable list?

Legal Ed Section Announces Council Slate, and It Includes 1 Young Lawyer
Following recommendations to bring younger voices to the council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the group has nominated Daniel R. Thies, a Sidley Austin associate, to a three-year term.

St. John Fisher College, University at Buffalo School of Law program
St. John Fisher College and the University at Buffalo School of Law have announced a 3+3 Legal Education Accelerated Program, which will allow any interested undergraduate student at Fisher an opportunity to earn both their undergraduate and law degrees in six years, while minimizing the cost of their education. 

Women Are Flocking to Law School Thanks To Donald Trump
The Trump bump is real, and women who want change in America are heading to law school.

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review is a collection of interesting articles from the past week that pertain to Legal Education. Some may be especially relevant to law professors and others to law students. Many stories focus on the pedagogical, technical, and financial innovation occurring in law schools today. We hope that these articles inspire you.