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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for March 8, 2019


Aspen Authors in the News         

A Free Speech Purist Opts Not to Use the N-Word            
Geoffrey Stone, First Amendment scholar at U of Chicago who's previously defended the use of the word in the classroom, has a change of mind -- or heart

Law School Students       

New Study on the State of the Entry-Level Law-Jobs Market and its Implications (Part I: Where the Job Market for New Law Graduates is Today)              
This article (part 1) discusses the current state of the entry-level Law-Jobs market.

New Study on the State of the Entry-Level Law-Jobs Market and its Implications (Part II: What the Market is, and What the ABA is Not, Telling Us about “JD Advantage” Placements)     
This article (part 2) discusses so-called “JD Advantage” placements, what the job market is telling us about them, and what the available data is not telling us.

UI Law Student Establishes Endowment to Help Underrepresented Students Visit Campus              
Winnie Uluocha has set up an endowment with the hopes of providing financial aid to students from underrepresented groups wanting to visit the College of Law.

How Long Should You Spend Studying for the LSAT?        
Studying for the LSAT is a critical rite of passage for future lawyers. Most law school admissions committees give LSAT scores at least as much weight as undergraduate GPAs—effectively rendering this single test as important as all the college exams you’ve taken combined!

Best Law School Prep Courses    
The first year of law school can be quite intimidating for most students. Since the first year of law school is so notorious for its difficulty, one of the best methods you can use to get yourself prepared is to enroll in a law school prep course.

‘They’re Representing Individuals Who are in Need’        
Law students help young immigrants start anew

Legal Education

Boise Law School Receives Full Accreditation       
The American Bar Association has granted full approval to a Boise-based law school that struggled with accreditation.

Law Schools and Their Many Markets     
Survey notes that those who enroll at elite colleges have very different priorities from those who enroll elsewhere.

Online Education: From Good to Better to Best?
There are a growing number of cases where online education is actually outperforming its traditional classroom counterpart.  Evidence of student success and, indeed preference, for the online classroom is mounting – and this will serve widespread benefits for all of us.

LMU Duncan School of Law Receives American Bar Association Approval
The American Bar Association has granted full approval to Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law, the college has announced.

The LEAKED 2020 U.S. News Law School Rankings are Here          
A change in the T14 and some of the largest rankings tumbles and gains.

With Their Law School Nearing Collapse, These Students are Using the Courts to Fight Back              
Western State College of Law’s parent organization is currently in financial turmoil

And No. 1 on This Year’s Go-To Law School Is …?
Columbia Law School tops the Go-To Law School's list for the sixth straight year. sending a higher percentage of 2018 graduates to Big Law than any other campus. Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania Law School moved up to the No. 2 slot.

Online Education             

As Enrollment Wavers, Law Schools Look to Expand Online           
Virtual classes and programs are tapping new revenue streams and preparing faculty for the future of legal education.

Other Legal News

Women Outnumber Men in Law School Classrooms for Third Year in a Row, but Statistics Don’t Tell the Full Story   
Though the number of women in law schools has increased steadily for several years, the number of women holding leadership positions within the legal profession has not kept pace. Moreover, women are leaving the practice of law at an alarming rate.

$50M Gift to Scalia Law School Will Fund 13 New Faculty Members          
The gift is a bequest from the estate of the late Judge Allison M. Rouse in California and his wife Dorothy B. Rouse.