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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for July 13, 2018

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for July 13, 2018 random

Have you hugged a law student lately?  The Bar exam will be administered next week so if you know someone studying for the exam, please show them some additional love and support.  Many articles have been written about managing stress and maximizing performance on test day.  Preparation is key but so is a good night’s sleep and proper hydration. The article, “My Top 10 Bar Exam Catchphrases” helps aim students in the right direction for the final week of prep. (Stop watching video lectures!)  And, “Five Tips for the Day of the Bar Exam” offers a handful of tips with the most enjoyable being thinking about how to reward yourself when the exam is over…  Good luck!

Bar Prep              

My Top 10 Bar Exam Catchphrases
If you are seriously stressing out over the bar exam, one of these frequently repeated pieces of advice may help you.

Online Tool—Still in Beta Testing—Aims for Better Bar Study Technique
Online bar review can be more effective than in-person lectures, because data from users' study time pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses, and can help design individual study schedules based on the information, says Matt Sellers, whose law school e-learning company Quimbee is currently beta testing a Uniform Bar Examination study offering that he plans to release to the public in time for the February 2019 exam. 

Five Tips for the Day of the Bar Exam
Getting ready for exam day? Here are five tips to keep in mind the day of the bar exam.

Distance Learning

2U, Inc. Announces a 12-Year Contract Extension with Washington University in St. Louis School of Law
Agreement extends existing partnership until 2033 and includes the addition of a new LL.M. in Taxation degree offering

Law School Students

Majority of Undegraduate Students Will Never Apply to Law School
Here's a new study that'll squash deans' hopes and dreams of overflowing classrooms and burgeoning budgets.

Prospective Law Students like the LSAT
Reports of the LSAT's demise may be exaggerated.

Legal Education

Florida Coastal Loses TRO Motion After Legal Ed Section Stays Some Remedial Actions
A federal judge has denied Florida Coastal School of Law's motion seeking to rpohibit an American Bar Assocation accreditation requirement that the school post public noitce on its webstie aboue being out of compliance with various standards.

14 of 19 Vermont Law Professors Lose Tenure, Retention Chair Tells Professors' Organization
After being informed by the chair of Vermont Law School's retention committee that the school stripped 14 law professors of tenure, the American Association of University Professors has questioned whether the school followed proper regulations.

Other Legal News

Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court
President Donald Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to join the US Supreme Court, setting the stage for a dramatic confirmation battle over a stalwart conservative who could shape the direction of the court for decades to come.

Every Current Supreme Court Justice Attended Harvard or Yale. That’s a Problem, Say Decision-Making Experts
The shared elite backgrounds of Supreme Court justices, some experts say, is a disadvantage because scientific research shows diverse groups make better decisions.

Last Woman Standing at World Series of Poker Tournament is a Lawyer
Everyone in the legal profession is rooting for her to take home the grand prize.

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review is a collection of interesting articles from the past week that pertain to Legal Education. Some may be especially relevant to law professors and others to law students. Many stories focus on the pedagogical, technical, and financial innovation occurring in law schools today. We hope that these articles inspire you.