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The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for February 15, 2019

The Aspen Advisor Week in Review for February 15, 2019 random

This week’s roundup of articles highlights the determination and willpower of today’s law students. “Law Student Reunites with Black Judge Who Gave Her a Second Chance as a Troubled Teen” recounts the journey of law student, Carmen Day, whose probation sentence was shortened by Judge Charles Dortch who saw promise in her. Day’s story has gone viral on the internet and inspired many law students who have not been able to follow a conventional path to their degree. “Panel Scraps Mental Health Question After Law School Student Push” tells the story of law students who organized against the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners to eliminate the requirement to disclose mental health status to bar examiners. This development will, hopefully, decrease the stigma surrounding mental health in the legal profession and will encourage more students and professionals to seek treatment. “Students Protest Law School for Inviting Military Recruiters on Campus” outlines the concerns of BU law students who believe that the military’s ban on transgender individuals conflict with their University’s anti-discrimination policies. Despite these protests, BU administration allowed the recruiters to stay on campus due to the Solomon Amendment which refuses federal funding to schools who do not allow recruitment on campus. These stories reflect the strong-willed nature of modern law students; in addition to their demanding curriculum, students are actively engaged in civic and social causes.

Bar Prep

5 Things to Do in the Final Weeks of Bar Prep That are More Effective Than Googling Essay Predictions
And if you take a peek at those predictions, allow yourself a few hours to brush up on the subjects predicted and then move on to something else.


SU College of Law students and Faculty Push to Improve Overall Diversity             
Students, professors and administration of Syracuse University’s College of Law — in recent interviews with The Daily Orange — acknowledged a lack of diversity in the student body and faculty there, detailing a slew of wide-ranging initiatives and ideas to bolster representation at Dineen Hall.

Experiential Learning     

Law School Opens Clinic for Rural Immigrants     
The University of Minnesota Law School launched a new clinic late last month that aims to provide legal assistance to immigrants in rural areas.

Law Professors 

Professor, Can You Just Give Me a Straight Answer?         
No matter what area of the law you find yourself in, rarely will 'straight answers' exist.

Law School Student        

Law Student Reunites with Black Judge Who Gave Her a Second Chance as a Troubled Teen              
A woman who is just one semester away from obtaining her law degree had an emotional reunion with the Superior Court judge who took a chance on her more than a decade ago.

The Value of Work Experience for Law Students 
There are several different kinds of work experience opportunities for law students. Some choose to enter the courtroom, shadowing a judge to gain a judicial perspective, while others opt to go pro bono for non-profits serving low-income communities.

Advice Columnist Tells Pre-Law Student He’s Too Moronic for Law School             
He already failed out of law school. Should he apply again?

Panel Scraps Mental Health Question After Law School Student Push       
The state agency that oversees qualifications for the Virginia State Bar will no longer ask students to disclose mental health treatment on their applications.

Why Can’t You Bring Mechanical Pencils to the LSAT? Blame Test-Taking Tricksters           
Attorney licensing exams are not immune from cheating, says James Wollack, an educational psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison whose research includes test security. In fact, the first time he was asked to analyze exam result data to see whether it supported test fraud, it was for a Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.

Penn State Law at University Park Now Accepting GRE for Joint-Degree Seekers  
Penn State Law at University Park is now accepting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for applicants seeking a juris doctor in combination with a graduate degree in a different discipline at Penn State.

Student Gets Accepted — Then Rejected — From Law School Because of His DACA Status              
This is every would-be law student's worst nightmare.

Legal Education

Law Schools Face Diminished Enrollment Numbers           
Over a decade after the 2008 recession, law schools across the country—including Boston College Law School—are still grappling with the fallout of a shrinking labor market and decreased enrollment, trends that have only recently—and barely—reversed themselves. 

Anthony Scaramucci on How to Get an A- in Law School
The Mooch v. Professor Tribe: Con Law edition.

Future Law School. What Does it Look Like?        
Crises in the justice systems across the world leave a huge imprint on the legal education system, which already has enough internal and external problems. Even reputable universities in the world are now actively seeking innovative solutions and people who are able to provide them with a qualitative push in the direction of improving the efficiency of educational services. In addition, small law faculties are fighting for survival in the competition.

Do Law Schools Need a Second Ranking From 'U.S. News'?           
U.S. News & World Report has announced that it may start a second ranking of law schools -- and some observers of legal education fear that the new ranking would create the wrong incentives.

UMaine Law School Names Associate Dean as Interim Leader      
UMaine School of Law Associate Dean Dmitry Bam will begin his new position on July 1, the same day Dean Danielle Conway is scheduled to assume her new role at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. Officials say a national search will begin this summer to select a permanent dean of the UMaine law school.

Other Legal News

$3 Million Gift to Aid First-Generation Law Students        
The First-Start Scholars Program, created by a lead gift from 1982 alumna Kathelen V. Amos and the Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation, will begin awarding scholarships in the fall of 2019. Students will receive a partial-tuition scholarship as well as a professional development stipend.

Students Protest Law School for Inviting Military Recruiters on Campus   
The military's ban on transgender service members sparks protests at law school.

Law Reviews and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy       
Want to get published in a top 10 law journal? Make sure you’re an alum.