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Aspen Advisor Week in Review for September 6th, 2019


Check out this week’s collection of interesting articles related to distance learning, law professors, legal education and other recent legal news.

In this week’s recap of legal news, we have a good mix of tips for new students, news from law schools around the country and some interesting developments in online learning. New students can check out Caroline Hax’s Q&A where she goes over some tips to help reduce the “freak out” of being a new law student. In the Legal Education field, John Marshall Law School became the first standalone public law school in Chicago. The Chronicle of Higher Education released an article detailing how teaching online in some capacity will help professors become better teachers.

For more information about any of these stories, or to check out other legal news please follow the links below.

Law School Students

Advice for new law school students. 


This podcast is about the idea of a capsule wardrobe, or how to choose staple pieces that will give you the versatility to easily create different outfits.


As September unfolds, and courts' activity increases from the summer months, all students should take advantage of the opportunities that small and solo firms provide.


Earlier this week, Trump celebrated her 'last first day of school' at Georgetown Law.


Legal Education

The three-year transition of the John Marshall Law School as a standalone, private law school is now complete as students return to the newly christened University of Illinois Chicago John Marshall Law School. Dean Darby Dickerson explains what it means for the Windy City to finally have a public law school.


When comparing larger vs. smaller law schools, applicants should consider factors like networking opportunities.


Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School has announced plans to cut tuition by 21% and close its satellite campus near Detroit in Auburn Hills, Michigan, at the end of 2020.


Brooklyn Law School and five of its alumni were recognized by Billboard magazine for being amongst the elite in the music law industry.


The academic year is underway at most law schools, so we’re taking the opportunity to look at what’s new at elite law campuses. We asked the top 10 law schools, as determined by U.S. News & World Report, to tell us about their new programs, classes and faculty. There are a bounty of new clinics on offer, and it seems that animal law is having quite a moment. Among this year’s cool initiatives are a program to help alumni return to the legal profession and a venture fund for law student and alumni-founded startups. We’re counting down their responses here. And yes, there are actually 12 schools in the top 10 due to a three-way tie at the No. 10 spot.


Online Learning

Teaching online — and doing it well — demands the type of critically reflective practice that can transform you into a better teacher overall. 


Mitchell Hamline School of Law announced Sept. 5 it will take the next step as the nation’s leader in online and on-campus legal education with the launch next fall of a new blended-learning enrollment option.


Other legal News

Just because you can pay a small wage to a law student, does it mean that you should?


Revenue boost, rankings ploy or reflection of the changing legal marketplace?


Three of the six justices appointed so far in the 21st century earned law degrees from Harvard Law School, and the other three appointed during that time frame earned law degrees at Yale Law School. However, the resumes of Supreme Court justices appointed during the 20th century show a lot more variety in their academic backgrounds.



A stellar score on the Law School Admission Test, better known as the LSAT, improves the odds of getting into a top-tier law school. Rather than testing what you've already learned, it's designed to measure and project your ability to excel in law school. Because of this focus, the LSAT is vastly different from many other standardized tests that students take in high school or college. Its unique nature requires that you clearly understand its format and the type of questions that will be asked.


Welcome Berkeley Law to the (GRE) party!