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Aspen Advisor Week in Review for August 30th, 2019


Check out this week’s collection of interesting articles related to distance learning, law professors, legal education and other recent legal news.

This week in legal education we cover several topics including distance learning, diversity and the ABA. An all new NSA-approved cyber law course is now available for students to take online. This not only expands the cyber law course areas but allows students from across the country to learn the ins and outs of cyber law. The ABA has also recently secured loan forgiveness status after a long 3-year battle. This could have a broader impact on other law school organizations. On a lighter note, check out’s post to find out which Courtroom drama best represents the reality of a modern-day courtroom. To learn more about these stories or to read the other most recent legal news stories visit the links below.

Distance Learning

Anyone who is interested in cybersecurity law and policy can now take an online course that was partly shaped by National Security Agency.



The council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, which met at the Park Hyatt Chicago in an open session Friday, approved various proposed revisions to accreditation rules and standards, but tabled, for further discussion, a suggested change to Standard 206, which addresses diversity and inclusion.


The University of Georgia School of Law is changing one grant at a time.


Law School Students

How do law schools stack up when it comes to finding students jobs?


A 1L at the University of Texas School of Law has an appropriate legal name.


Today, we're discussing how mindfulness practices can positively influence your brain and help you perform at your best by combating procrastination, worry, anxiety, anger, and sleep issues.


The new MAX Pre-Law online program from AccessLex Institute walks would-be law students through every aspect of that decision, from whether or not to apply to which campus to choose and how to pay for it.



Legal Education

Many recent law graduates surveyed by Kaplan Bar Review said their job search was more intense than they anticipated, yet most said their law school career services offices did a good job helping them navigate the process.


Whitney Della Torre, a featured speaker and chair of the planning committee at the camp this year, is one of 300 boot camp alumni. As the first in her family to go to college, she said the camp provided her with crucial academic and professional advice. The camp allowed her to ask practicing lawyers exactly why they had decided to be prosecutors or litigators or work outside the courtroom, and she found direction in their answers. 


Students enrolling at Harvard’s Business School, Law School, and Graduate School of Education (HBS, HLS, HGSE) for M.B.A., J.D. and LL.M., and Ed.M. degrees now can—and in some cases must—begin their programs of study before matriculating.


A tribute to a closing law school.


Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Board of Directors approved a bold plan on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, to sustain and strengthen the law school’s access mission. The plan will significantly reduce tuition, and address current and future campus efficiencies.


Other Legal News

The American Bar Association has prevailed in its bid to be deemed an eligible employer under the Public Interest Loan Forgiveness program, and the decision could have broader implications for other organizations.


Spoiler Alert:  #1 is My Cousin Vinny. Why? The writers consulted with the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) to craft the court dialogue.